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About us


Loves horror films, the 80's, video games, film cameras, bomb pops, skateboarding, VHS, fried chicken, his daughter and girlfriend.

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Loves to travel, bake brownies, write stories, play the Sims, concerts, watch movies, cuddle, capture candid moments, learn new skills, a good steak and musicals.

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Manuel and Hania were born and raised in Puerto Rico. They met in 2014 when she started her masters in graphic design and he was completing his bachelors in digital cinematography. Since then they have worked in countless of video and photography projects, personal and commercial.

In 2017 Manuel graduated from his bachelors degree and got a video editing job right after, but hurricane Maria changed plans and his new job moved him to Georgia.  Hania decided to join him in this new adventure, shortly after a new member decided to join and in February 2019 they welcomed a baby girl. Inspired by their new family member they decided to put their creative passion front and center.

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